You're not camera shy! Have a little summer fun! 


We're looking for a few energetic, fun people to showcase on our Tik Tok channel through a new contest! Send us video of you holding your hair close to your head and then on the count of 10,  letting it go and smiling at the camera. The bigger the hair the better! But we want to see all types. If your video is chosen to be in the official Reenboog Tik Tok campaign, we'll send you a discount coupon for 10% off everything in our store!

To send the videos, upload it to google drive or one drive and then share the link with us at Be sure to tell us your Tik Tok name, if you have one, so we can tag you.

And as always, we look forward to seeing you next time you visit our store or visit us on our website at any time to order your favorite natural hair care products.

We are located in the Killian Hill Village Shopping Center at 4051 Stone Mountain Hwy in Suite E106 in Lilburn, GA near Burlington Coat Factory. And please connect with us on all our social media channels!