Almond Oil 100% Pure

Almond Oil 100% Pure





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Almond 100% Pure Oil-Non Comedogenic-Replenish & Hydrates Skin-Helps Repair Damaged Hair -Deep Moisturized Glow -Nourishes & Strenthens Hair Cuticle-For All Hair Textures And All Skin Types- Silicone, Paraben Free - Made in USA 1oz Non Greasy Non Comedogenic Easily Absorbed Non Drying Lightweight For Skin: OKAY® 100% Pure Almond Oil will balance and restore moisture in the skin. This oil is easily absorbed and serves as an amazing emollient by soothing and softening the skin while creating a soft glow. Directions: Apply to area of treatment and rubuntil fully absorbed. For Hair: OKAY 100% Pure Almond Oil helps repair damaged hair and provides deeper nourishment fighting against dryness while providing great shine. Hair will become stronger with regular use. Directions: Apply small amount directly to hair and scalp and spread evenly.