Castor & Amla Nourishing Pomade

Castor & Amla Nourishing Pomade





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Castor & Amla Nourishing Pomade

Our Castor & Amla Nourishing Pomade contains pure castor oil and Ayurvedic amla oil to condition the scalp, support growth and soften ends and edges. Amla oil is used in Ayurvedic hair care to strengthen hair follicles, reduce shedding and soften hair. Castor oil is used extensively in African hair care to boost hair growth, strengthen hair and retain length. Use also to add softness, pliability and sheen to locs, cornrows, twists and loose hair.

Ancestral Ingredients:
• Castor Oil - softens & retains moisture. Thickens hair & boosts growth⁣
• Amla Oil - nourishes scalp to strengthen roots, reduce shedding & boost growth

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