Healing Leave In 10.1 fl oz

Healing Leave In 10.1 fl oz




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Product type: Hair Care Products

Vendor: H2PRO


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Restoring Leave-in Conditioner The H2PRO Black Diamond Leave-in Conditioner’s lightweight formula absorbs quickly into the hair, leaving a satin finish. It does not flatten out the style, or leave the hair greasy. Silk Amino Acids strengthen to make hair thicker, longer and stronger. Jojoba Seed Oil moisturizes the hair, and Avocado Oil seals the cuticles and locks in moisture. Shea Butter helps to prevent breakage while soothing the scalp, working with Jojoba Seed oils to fight dandruff. Our power blend of natural ingredients leaves hair stronger and shinier while promoting a heal their scalp for optimal hair growth.

To Use: Apply Leave-in Conditioner throughout wet hair, leave in, air dry, & style.

Marula Oil – Rehydrates, Protects, Regenerates Quartz Oil – Strengthens, Promotes hair growth Black Sesame Oil – Keeps natural hair color Black Cumin Seed Oil – Maintains healthy scalp Avocado Oil – Seals cuticle, Detangles hair Jojoba Seed Oil – Moisturizes hair, Fights dandruff Silk Amino Acids – Strengthens, Adds shine Shea Butter – Prevents breakage, Soothes scalp