Calming Face Mask Sheet 6 PK

Calming Face Mask Sheet 6 PK




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Vendor: SM Beauty


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Saplaya's Calming mask package comes with 6 mask sheets that alleviates acne prone skin. These masks are made with a natural formula in South Korea and are great for all skin types. (5 + 1 free)

SFM017 | Pearl - Anti-Aging, Tone & Brightens Skin

SFM020 | Shea Butter - Antioxidant, Reduce Scarring, Moisturizing

SFM021 | Rice - Brighten Skin, Reduce Acne, Enliven Soft Skin

SFM023 | Green Tea - Antioxidant, Soothes Skin, Anti-Aging

SFM025 | Lavender - Soften Skin, Moisturizing, Soothing

SFM026 | Jasmine - Soften Skin, Calming & Soothing, Combats Dryness