Hicks Edges Natural Hair-N-Scalp Styling Cream





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  • For dry hair - adults and children
  • Longer stronger hair
  • Promotes growth
  • Stops breakage
  • Removes tangles
  • Replenished moisture balance
  • Restores natural luster and shine
  • Relieves dry, itchy scalp

  • Hicks Edges Natural Hair-N-Scalp Styling Cream prevents breakage of natural hair and edges apply this product every day and comb your hair. This will help promote growth and minimize damage of your hair. Replenishing luster, shine, strength and manageability. Two strand twist hair release the twist and finger style. Let dry. Your hair will be soft, manageable, tangle free and shiny.

    For best result: use on hair that is clean, free of all grease, oils and unrelated products. Use large tooth comb to comb the conditioner through hair. Start from the hair ends and comb toward scalp. Twist and style hair as desired, let air dry or under a dryer completely, style as desired. Use as often as necessary or as a weekly leave in conditioner.

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